Post Installation Support & Maintenance

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Annual maintenance contract (AMC)

Only installation of the structure and planting the plants in modules is not enough, A green wall is a living wall therefore it recommends at least one or two maintenance sessions each month and more in case of very hot weather. An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a contract signed between Naturewall Solution and Client.

  1. Inspection of the structure
  2. Trim and pruning of the plants.
  3. Check the light intensity, For shade/semi shade plants the minimum of light is 1500 lux. The absorption of light by the chlorophyll pigments in the leaves is essential to photosynthesis and plant health.
  4. Periodic check up of plant health and feed with right amount of nutrients (Micro & Macro) as required, In the open system it is even possible to install an automatic fertiliser dispenser. 
  5. Periodic check on the irrigation system, add water every few weeks in a closed system, clean the filters and the tank every quarter.
  6. Monitor the moisture level of the growing medium and manually activate the irrigation system if necessary. For automated system increase or decrease watering frequency to maintain correct moisture level throughout the year.
  7. Periodic spraying of pesticides as required. Neem based / Herbal based pesticides the most recommended one.