Sanitizing System Maintenance

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Sanitizing System Installation & Maintenance

Services We Offer

1. Installation of Sanitizing controller unit and Sanitizing gate/Tunnel for Domestic and commercial uses like educational institutes, offices, shops, hospital, airports, Temples, Malls, Railways etc
2. Maintenance of Sanitizing controller unit and Sanitizing gate/Tunnel.
3. Supplier of certified Sanitizing solution.


Hygiene Advice From Naturewall Solution:

1. Please maintain more than 2-metre distance while walking, talking and sitting.
2. Maintain proper distance in the washrooms and avoid crowding/chatting.
3. Wear masks in the common areas, cafeterias and recreational zones.
4. If you are not feeling well, please stay back home.
5. Anyone with the mildest cold or fever-related symptoms will be requested to leave the premises.
5. Please sanitize your hands before punching in attendance at the biometrics.
6. Frequently wash your hands with soaps/Alcohol based sanitizer while at work.
7. Please dispose all used masks and tissues properly in a dustbin.
8. Once through with your food, immediately vacate the cafeteria.
9. Avoid outside food boxes or parcels; if critical, please sanitize them before use.
10. Do not to share food or drinks from the same plate or cup. It will help minimize any health infection.