Sanitizing Systems

Sanitizing Systems

As part of our business strategy, we did disrupt the entire supply chain and approached the consumers directly.The rapid pace of industrialization and our focus on new innovations hence supports mankind. Naturewall R&D team come up with few innovative product for disinfection and sanitization fields.

1. Fog/Mist sanitizer system for Domestic & commercial use
2. Fogging tunnels and gates for disinfection


What is Mist/Fog Sanitizer Machine: A device which generates mist or Fog from nozzles which are internally connected with control unit and operates either manually or Aumotically.This unit consist of High pressure pump, SMPS,Sensors and hard coded IC based algorithm embedded in a mother board.Device operates on 220V AC supply.Inlet connector connected with sanitizer tank to feed fluid into the pump and Outlet of pump connects with Nozzle to generates High quality Fog/mist.Sensor operates on IR to sense the obstracle to start & stop fogging based on predefined time interval.
What is Sanitizing Gate/Tunnel: is designed to disinfecting personnel by passing through disinfectant passageways, which sprays disinfectant from nozzles and sanitizer to kill 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and spores. Sanitizing Gate/Tunnel is a tailor-made product which can differ in shapes and dimensions depending on site measurement and  space constraints. This structure need to be connected with mist/Fog sanitizer unit to get spray of mist either by manual or automatic mode.

Usages:  widely used indoor and outdoor at   entry/exit of domestic as well as public places.

  • Hospitals specially at ICU Entry & exit doors.
  • Communities/Society entrance gate.
  • Flat or individual house entrance door or gate.
  • Airports & railway stations
  • Factories, supermarkets, shopping malls.  
  • Institute & Schools Main doors.
  • Banks &hotels
  • Any many more applications


Working Principle:

  • A self-preventive modular chamber with Infrared sensors designed to deliver disinfectant every individual passing through it.
  • The Sanitizer Tunnel/Gate works through a Sensor controlled central disinfectant mist generation unit and  distribution arrangement located above & both side walls  which ensures that the operator is fully sterilized before entering any premises
  • The system will operate for a pre defined duration as per the person entry & exit inside the unit.During the operation the operator is expected to gently rotate in the central space  with his/her elbows raised and away from his body to get best results of system
  • During this misting cycle, the operator twists his/her body and moves his/her arms up and down to reduce any folds in the clothes and to help ensure uniform coverage. After a person exit the system, the sanitizing cycle automatically shuts off.
  • Above steps will be continue for the next person to be passing through the Tunnel/Gate.


For complete product list, please download Brochure (Sanitizing System Brochure.pdf) from below link :


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